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xml-coreutils manual pages

The xml-coreutils project consists of several utilities which work together to perform various tasks. Each utility has a UNIX manual page, which can be read on the following pages.

  • xml-cat - concatenates XML files and prints them on standard output.
  • xml-cp - copy nodes from XML files into an XML file.
  • xml-cut - print selected parts of an XML file as an XML file.
  • xml-echo - generate an XML file on standard output.
  • xml-file - determine type of XML files.
  • xml-find - search for nodes in an XML file and execute actions.
  • xml-fixtags - convert HTML into XML on the standard output.
  • xml-fmt - reformat an XML file, writing to the standard output.
  • xml-grep - print matching fragments as an XML file on the standard output.
  • xml-head - truncate the parts of an XML document.
  • xml-less - interactively display an XML document.
  • xml-ls - list the contents of an XML file.
  • xml-mv - move nodes from XML files to an XML file or the standard output.
  • xml-printf - format and print data in an XML file to the standard output.
  • xml-rm - remove nodes from XML files.
  • xml-sed - stream editor for filtering and transforming an XML file.
  • xml-strings - print the strings of data in an XML file to the standard output.
  • xml-unecho - ungenerate an XML file into an xml-echo expression.
  • xml-wc - print height, depth and number of tags for each XML file.
  • xml-coreutils - general remarks about xml-coreutils.